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The pictures in my gallery do tell a story, a story of going on adventures with my friends to places we haven’t gone and places where we want to go. My main focus is to take good photos that show a lot but a little at the same time. I used line to draw the attention to the main subject of each photo and light to emphasize is more. I like using a lot of color in my photos to make it pop more. A good photograph for me is a photo that has good colors and the message shown in the photo. I would change nothing I think they are perfect they are, maybe I would make sure I got it more focused or a wider angle. These phots have meaning and are real to me, the photo of my good friend Justin covered in snow is his real reaction of me pushing him into the snow.



Gabriel I Gomez

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Unsolicited Photography

Dear Employer:

Hi, my name is Gabe and I am photographer. I love taking photos. It’s a true passion of mine to too capture a moment in time people will remember forever. I know how it feels to have a memorable moment in your life or too see an unforgettable image. That’s why I always to strive to capture the best moments in our lives and save it forever. All in one picture can tell a story without words and that is why I like photography so much. It’s a different way of expressing ourselves that I enjoy doing.


Gabriel I Gomez

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Road Trip to hell

Bisbee is cut into two places old bisbee and new bisbee. This is old bisbee next to the old mine.
This is new bisbee. They painted on the wall to show a 3d picture i like the illusion it gives.
This one of the smaller hotels in bisbee
We planned this road trip last minute just got snacks and took the paper map out and drove towards bisbee.
This car is in old bisbee it really shows the charcter of the town



I Almost caught Dome on fire

I like this photo because this was my first picture using steel wool, i didn’t want to just make boring circle i wanted to use a model and i think it came out nice
I have done light art before but doing with friends is fun and this is a good example
I really like doing long exposure, cars passing in one location shows depth.